Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My backgarden...done!

Specially for my mate 'Mike':

here's a view of the backgarden completely renovated. It took an entire year to get all this work done. The pictures show the work in progress and final layout. This was all done without spending a penny...well, I did buy some seeds and the compost bin, but that's it.
Hope you like it!

First step (June 06): My (very helpful neighbour 'Blue' started digging up the crazy paving and built a new step which made up to a quarter of the garden. I made a 'stone' wall with the dug out stones.

August 06: He eventually completed the entire step and this is what it looked like (as well as the mess left in front of it):
April 07: I used some of the stones to build a couple of little walls at each end of the step (see next pic on the left corner, just behind the carpet).

And finally...just completed this weekend (May 07)....


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