Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lake of Constance, Germany

Last weekend we went around the Lake of Constance, by bike. This Lake in the south of Germany is surrounded by three countries: Switzerland, Austria and Germany. We managed to do the biggest lake in 3 days, averaging 50Km per day. It's a really easy ride as it is flat all the was however very hot!!! Here are some of the pictures:

more pictures to follow...soon...xx

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a dress...for ME!!!

Here's my latest work, a dress I made for myself to go to a wedding in Germany. I got the fabrics from an Asian shop. I love the fabrics at these shops! They usually come in a combination of three fabrics so you could make a typical asian outfit with: trousers, tunic and scarf. Here's the result...

And here's a detail of the is actually just tied with a pin I had and thought it matched perfectly...This has got to be my favoutite piece..the bag. The outside is made with the blue fabric (the same as the ribbon) and the inside is made with the same flowery fabric as the dress. There's also a small trim on the outside with the dress' fabric. I am so happy with the result! I got these frames a few weeks ago and this was the right opportunity to try them. Isn't it so cute... I have got a few more frames so now I can make some bags if anyone is interested....

Monday, August 20, 2007

more business card wallets

These are the new ones specially designed and handcrafted for four special ladies:
I will show more pictures in a couple of weeks when they receive them.... This is my new label....I thought I would make them myself...
And these are my homemade tags....I am deeply inlove with my sewing machine stamp. I had bought it ages ago and hadn't had the opportunity to use it. Here it is...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where have you been Ms????


Here's a couple of clues:

And finally..

The question is NOT 'How did I get it out?' ...

The real question is ' Why did I drive it in the first place???'

Duh..... :p