Thursday, May 24, 2007

apron swap

I've joined the May Apron Swap organised by lovely Mia from One Hour Craft.
All I keep thinking of is how can I come up with a colourful and different design for my swap partner (no names revealed, yet!), as suggested by her. mmmmm
Anyway, with aprons in mind I've been looking at some eBay stuff and I found aprons just like my favourite one when I was a child. I loved this apron because of the colours and the very useful pocket. Here's a few pictures I found on current auctions on eBay (click on the photos to follow the link):

And of course I had to get one..mine is green :) I quite love the yellow one above, though.

I think my swap partner would love these but I don't think I could get all that embroidered within one, I'm now going to turn to my sketch book and let my imagination flow through my pencil...


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