Thursday, May 31, 2007

Crocs (sort of)

These are my new 'Crocs'...well, sort of. These Mary Janes' are actually by Skechers and I think they are actually nicer then the Crocs version 'cause the front is not so wide.
And I'm so in love with the colour too...CHOCOLATE!!!

The nice photo (not mine!!! the one behind the shoes :p ) was taken by my dearest friend Martinho during his trip to Egypt.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My backgarden...done!

Specially for my mate 'Mike':

here's a view of the backgarden completely renovated. It took an entire year to get all this work done. The pictures show the work in progress and final layout. This was all done without spending a penny...well, I did buy some seeds and the compost bin, but that's it.
Hope you like it!

First step (June 06): My (very helpful neighbour 'Blue' started digging up the crazy paving and built a new step which made up to a quarter of the garden. I made a 'stone' wall with the dug out stones.

August 06: He eventually completed the entire step and this is what it looked like (as well as the mess left in front of it):
April 07: I used some of the stones to build a couple of little walls at each end of the step (see next pic on the left corner, just behind the carpet).

And finally...just completed this weekend (May 07)....


Monday, May 28, 2007

sewing room (work in progress...forever?!)

When I first started this blog I posted some pics of what my sewing room looked like (Sep06).
Here's a few pictures of what it looked like in Dec 06:

It looks empty doesn't it? Think of it more like a blank canvas...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

apron swap

I've joined the May Apron Swap organised by lovely Mia from One Hour Craft.
All I keep thinking of is how can I come up with a colourful and different design for my swap partner (no names revealed, yet!), as suggested by her. mmmmm
Anyway, with aprons in mind I've been looking at some eBay stuff and I found aprons just like my favourite one when I was a child. I loved this apron because of the colours and the very useful pocket. Here's a few pictures I found on current auctions on eBay (click on the photos to follow the link):

And of course I had to get one..mine is green :) I quite love the yellow one above, though.

I think my swap partner would love these but I don't think I could get all that embroidered within one, I'm now going to turn to my sketch book and let my imagination flow through my pencil...


Saturday, May 19, 2007

(almost) 9 Months Later

Yes...almost nine months to get me blogging again...
it's even too late to I'll get some news on.
I'll tey to get something new everytime possible. I have finished decorating the sewing room, i.e. carpet and I'll be posting some pictures in the near future.

Today I've decided to talk about FREECYCLE. ''Freecycle(tm) is an email list where people give away things that they no longer need for free" and their moto is " Changing the World One Gift at a Time".
The idea is for people to give away things they no longer want for FREE. Members of the group can also post WANTED items, etc.
To find out more and to join your local group check

Today I'm going to offer an extensible dinning table as I got given another one recently from another freecycler.
Some crafting coming soon...