Thursday, March 26, 2009


(knitter) the nickname of another new friend.

It was through her that I got to Tita (last post). This lady organises knitting meetings in Porto.

Xana is a lovely lady who has agreed to meet (very last minute) me when I was last at home. She has even got me a present

Some handpainted wool, with fantastic colours, by "maos de sapo" (another portuguese crafter);

and a lovely teddy knitted by her the night before. Don't you all just love to make last minute presents? I do! Or at least is my excuse the have a sewing room full of stuff I 'MAY' need.

Thank you very much XANA, you are fantastic and it's great to have met you!!!


Monday, March 23, 2009

learning to spin...

anything better to do on your holiday?.. I don't think so.

I went home for a relaxing holiday and couldn't sit let's look for something fun to do. How about learning a new (crafty) skill? Spinning??? Yeah!!!

A bit of internet searching put me in touch with Tita, from Oficina do Fio. Besides being a lovely person who enjoys sharing her knowlegde and a great spinner, she's also got the loveliest house (I am into old houses) packed with spinning wheels, and looms...summary: paradise!

I had a lovely time with Tita, and I learned quite a lot..though I have to admit I am not the best student.

1. one of my versions of paradise (another one could be a ribbon shop, buttons, fabrics, etc :)

2. Granny squares original one! amazing. The brown furry thing you see is a poncho made of dog's fur. It is so soft you wouldn't believe. Now that was new for me, that you can spin dog's fur.

3. An Ashford Spinning Wheel (joy). This one is very compact!

3. The portuguese spindle. Tita is forever THE Portuguese Spindle enthusiast.

4. Tita showing me how it's tries had too many lumps to be allowed in a picture


Friday, March 20, 2009


My dad saw this in a shop:

And we came up with this:

I think it turned out even better because I made the images mirrored.

So now his flat has got something made by me :)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

leaving presents...

for SJ...

Good luck in your new job!!!

Snow and Spring

...all in the same month...