Wednesday, September 24, 2008

birthday card

My latest (last minute) crafting session turned into this:

A birthday card for two brothers...two big boys!!

Here's more details:

The fishy smell has been eliminated by stuffing the cuties with lavender!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am sailing...I am sailing

yep...that's what me and C have been doing over the last 2 weekends!

yep...that's what me and C have been doing over the last 2 weekends!
We are now Competent Crew members according to the RYA...
I'm glad they don't take into account I get seasick :)

And this is Alice..our boat..

Too much fresh air can have strange effects on some people...


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wedding favours!

Did you guess?
Here's a selection:

The favours were also used as place cards as each one had the name of the guest on a card attached to the heart. The cards were made using the template of the wedding invitation (hence the two hearts with the names of the bride and groom, not that you can read them). A hear punch was used to create a hole for the heart's string. The string was aslo the same as found in the wedding invitation.
Each heart had the guest's initial embroidered in cream.
The parents of the bride and groom had their hearts embroidered in silver to make it a bit more special. They also had a ribbon rose and a string of pearls on the top.

All the hearts (about 90 of them) were placed in 2 boxes, one for the bride's guests and one for the groom's guests.

The bride and groom's hearts had a silver ribbon and an arrangement of ribbon roses and pearls. They were also bigger than the others.

A preview of the tables after all the place cards (hearts) were set in place. The tables were later decorates with red and white roses and pearls.

Here's a preview of me in on the wedding day. And this is the dress I made as well as the clutch...Remember this fabric?

I hope to show some more pictures later. I just love this dress.