Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cath Kidston business

..card holder..
(made some time ago)

As a leaving present for the lovely girl who loves Cath Kidston and had already received this underwear bag.
More card holders here: brown and orange, personalised, and mine!


2 dresses made by me and one made by my sister.
Yes, she made her own wedding dress!!! Isn't it so beautiful???

And I made my probably can't see it very well from the picture, but there are two pockets in the front. I made the two seams (darts) in the front go all around to my hips and that makes the pocket.

Her wedding was last month in Germany, where she is living.



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whether you're 5...or you're 50....

A birthday gift...

.... handmade with LOVE!


...enjoying British summer!!

so maybe I can be excused for not being here...

Kids have been enjoying the weather, too.

I hadn't realised kids STILL knew how to play.. I am impressed!