Sunday, June 08, 2008

SEEDS of love...

I made these little bags for a plant swap...

It was so difficult to let go of these...combined with the desire to share these cuties.

The seeds were from packs that I go withe some gardening magazines. There were four little packs in an envelope. I made a bag for each of the packs and embroydered 'Seeds', so then people can use them with any seeds they have. I made a tag using the graphics from the seeds envelope. I glued a picture of each of the plants on the little pack; these pictures are from the front of the envelope. On the the tag I used a smaller picture from the back of the envelope which was next to the sewing instructions. so on the back of the tag I glued these sewing instructions.

These are so thin that you can fold and put inside an envelope and post to some friend...maybe your own 'special seeds'..all you have to do is take a picture of the plant whilst in bloom; otherwise it's like a recipe book without pictures. (Unless you want it to be a surprise)

Let me know how you liked these..
(and sorry for the bad photo)


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