Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Home Alone

Not quite Home... but it feels like home when it's a Sew Easy night?

Yes, this is the name of my sewing group. "It's Sew Easy".

And by one reason or another (husbands and/or babies) yesterday nobody turned up and I was left all one my own.
I had 2 choices : I stay and make something or go home and faf (is this a word?) around.

So I stayed in for the next 2 hours from THIS
I made THIS:

What do you think?
Still needs some finishing touches.. XX


Katy47p said...

I love it, looks perfect to me. Sad to see you were sewing alone, hopefully I can come along and join in soon.

Sew Do I said...

We'd love to have you around! Looking forward to seeing you xx