Tuesday, June 05, 2007



I learned to knit socks over the last Xmas holidays, in Germany. Me and my boyfriend were over to visit his family and for the first time I was really bored there. I guess it's because it was winter and there wasn't really much we could do. I went to their attic to see if I could come across any interesting findings (craft ideas) but because Mrs. S. (the mother) is a primary school teacher, all the things I could find were children related. Suddenly my boyfriend remembered that Mrs. S. could knit ...socks!!! We asked if she could teach me..and she agreed.
I spent the rest of my holidays there knitting socks. I knitted one pair for my father and one pair for my mother (I don't think I have any picture of these...I posted them home as a Xmas present :)
Since then, I have knitted another three pairs : one for myself, one for my lovely friend Christine and one for Akbhar 'my' technician (I'll explain later).
Christine's socks were actually a special request, as a birthday present. Of course they had to be green because that's her favourite colour.

As for Akbhar's socks...well, you see, Akbhar is the knitting technician at my University and since my PhD is in knitting (not this kind of knitting :p ) he is 'my' technician. Anyway, when I told him I had learned how to knit socks over Xmas he offered me a couple of cones of wool, so I thought I should make some for him. I hope one day he will teach me how to knit socks in one of our circular knitting machines ;)

I've asked to be taught how to knit gloves next Xmas holiday...can't wait!!! Might be so lucky to have the grandmother teaching me...


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